Over the course of its 28-year existence, the Martinů Festival in Basel has achieved a special and distinctive position in both the Swiss and international music scenes, thanks to its extensive and careful program design and its selection of exceptional artists.
If you appreciate our persistent work, you should consider becoming a sponsor. Through your generous support, you contribute to the successful history of our festival and have the opportunity to establish your cultural commitment in the public eye, while benefiting from exclusive and diverse rewards.
As a cultural ambassador of a special kind, you can look forward to our future projects and experience them together with the guests you invite, whether they be clients, acquaintances, or friends. Additionally, you will benefit from the high level of attention from the audience, as well as from the status and media presence of the Martinů Festival, which is held in high regard.

We are more than willing to discuss a partnership arrangement with you in person and look forward to hearing from you.


Your contact person:
Fausto De Lorenzo
Sponsorship Manager
+41 79 439 66 89